6 Advantages of an Electric Car That Makes You Comfortable

The car is a vehicle that is in great demand for daily activities. The automotive industry produces many variants of cars, supported by the growth of car-type innovation technology that continues to be aggressively producing electric car with the advantage of being area friendly.

There are various other advantages of electric cars compared to ordinary cars that run on oil. The advantages of electric cars certainly cannot be enjoyed by conventional car users. Anything? Follow the discussion of its advantages in this base.

electric car

Environmentally friendly

Electric cars are called environmentally friendly cars because they do not create emissions which can affect air pollution around them. This vehicle has a speed mechanism that is processed using electrical energy, so it will not create residues of Co2 and Co emissions.

It can be said that electric vehicles are the solution of car options for urban areas that have been exposed to so much air pollution.

No Noise Engine Sound

The next advantage is that this car is driven by electricity, so the engine sound produced is quieter or less noisy. This makes the driver safer and more focused when driving on the track.

Of course, with a quiet voice, the cabin in the car is quieter and quieter. This will bring extra comfort to the driver and other passengers while enjoying the conversation on the trip. If in conventional cars, generally the driving engine creates vibrations into the cabin, this is not the case in electric cars.

Convenient Battery Charging

This is one of the advantages of an electric car, which is very different from a fuel car, which is refueling using electricity. Equipped with a large electric current storage energy so that with a single charge via charging it can be used over long distances.

Not only that, you don’t need to queue like a conventional car at a gas station, but only by charging the battery at home or a universal place that has been provided. Not bad by connecting charging equipment to your electric car.

Easy and Economical Maintenance

Talking about maintenance, electric cars are fairly easy and cost-effective because this type of car does not have an exhaust system. If a conventional car is usually required to change the oil, radiator and others, otherwise the components of an electric car are more immediate. That way, the costs incurred are not much.

Pocket Friendly Prices

What about the price of an electric car? This type of car is actually somewhat cheaper than a car that uses fuel. This is due to its efficient consumption and the embedded engine is more effective, so it does not need to pay a large fee.

Advantages of Hyundai Electric Cars

The option to use an electric car is found in Hyundai’s electric cars, namely the Kona Electric and the IONIQ Electric. Both have advantages that you can safely enjoy.

Kona Electric car that relies on 0-100/h acceleration in 9.9 seconds accompanied by 100% torque energy. Not only that, powered by a 39, 2kWh battery capacity, it can provide a decent mileage for daily activities. Plus the DC fast charger technology in less than 1 hour, up to 80% of battery energy, you don’t have to wait long. It is also supported by advanced features, such as an electric sunroof and a wireless smartphone charging pad.

On the other hand, the IONIQ Electric car puts forward a beautiful and modern design as well as ergonomics for user activities, especially urban residents. Supported by features with the latest technology, this electric car provides users with extra safety during the expedition. Sort of features sensors, radar, as well as internal engine sensing.