Best Advice for Moving House in Wellington New Zealand

Have you ever considered moving to New Zealand? Do you have an appreciation for fine food and wine? How about good coffee and quirky bars?  Wellington is one of the largest cities in New Zealand and should be on your short list. Wellington is known as the culinary capital of New Zealand with its trendy bars, eclectic cafes and award-winning eateries, it is the ideal city to settle and moving to Wellington should be a breeze if you know where to find the best people to help with your move. To ensure your relocation to Wellington runs smoothly as planned, here are some of the best advices out there.


Do your due diligence when hiring a mover

Moving is a tricky task to master and because most of us don’t do it that often, we may find that we can encounter difficult problems that can quickly turn what supposed to be a positive experience into a negative one. While there are many companies in Wellington that are in the business of moving furniture and home, it is essential that you do your homework and choose a professional reliable mover. You must do your due diligence when contacting house movers Wellington, speak to each moving company on your short list, get some background information and ask them about their business. How long they have been in the moving industry?  How will your belongings be protected? What are their previous customers saying? When choosing a mover, always compare moving quotes and question why the cheapest quote is the cheapest. Is there something missing from the service or are they cutting corners somewhere? Prices for moving furniture should be somewhat similar so if one is significantly lower or higher, you should question this.

If you need to take your car, move it separately

One of the most asked questions is whether house movers move cars or vehicles. Most movers do not have the capacity to vehicles due to the limited space on the truck with a motorcycle being the only exception. Moving house requires the contents of a home to be packed in a way that reduces space so more can fit in the truck. Boxes can be stacked on top of one another and above furniture items, it is different with a car and not much can be stacked on top which effectively is wasting valuable truck space. It is recommended to go with a reputable car transport company and it is easy to compare car carriers online if you are unable to simply drive your car to your new home.

Take out insurance coverage

Think about all your belongings that you have accumulated over the years, packing everything into a truck and not seeing it again until it reaches its destination. Can you live with them if something was to go wrong? There may be items that are expensive and difficult to replace or possessions that have sentimental value to you, no matter the case make sure you have transit insurance that covers all your belongings for damage, fire and theft. It is a small price to pay for having piece of mind and if you can’t afford insurance, you can’t afford to move.