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companiesThe Blue Cross Blue Defend System is made up of 36 independent and regionally operated companies. Dedicated to delivering a better future, HPE has set an interim goal to source 50{b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} of its total vitality consumption from renewable sources by 2025, with a long term intent of reaching one hundred{b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} renewable power in future. The switch to renewables is helping the corporate to work to sustantially reduce its carbon emissions.

NRI has a target to realize one hundred{b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} renewable electrical energy globally by 2050, and 36{b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} by 2030. The company is committed to supply 100{b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} renewable electrical energy for its global operations by 2050, with an interim purpose of fifty {b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} by 2025. The corporate has a objective to source one hundred{b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} renewable electricity by 2020.

Wells Fargo achieved its a hundred{b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} renewable aim in 2017, and can transition to long-term agreements that directly fund new renewable electrical energy initiatives by 2020. The company is committed to sourcing 100{b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} renewable energy by 2040, with an interim target of 50{b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} by 2030.

Citi is the leading world bank, with approximately 200 million customer accounts and business in additional than one hundred sixty international locations, and a mission to responsibly present financial services that enable growth and economic progress.

Equinix is a worldwide interconnection and data centre provider, dedicated to utilizing a hundred{b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} energy across its world operations. TOPPAN PRINTING also commits to scale back absolute Scope 3 GHG emissions 20 {b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} by 2030 from a 2017 base-yr. Sustainability consultancy thinkstep Australasia commits to scale back absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions 38 {b07e9bf9aeaffcb69c9dab274f85ea306836aca5e1d11acf6fb2c78d3d94449f} by 2030 from a 2018 base 12 months.